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The DOMO project

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Make a plan for swapping coins of dead or abandoned project to merge Communitys#4 

Plan is as follows:

Rules: • Compiling Sourcecode • Decent amount of active people (observe activity, pick popular communication channels) o Do NOT just count members because most are considered inactive or bots • Blockchain not stuck • No ICO – For legal reasons • In case of Premine: Snapshot and locate Premine amount to be isolated

Process (dead project): • Specify a standard Drop amount for users with low shares or disqualified • Request the users oldest wallet address (address with oldest transaction) • Request User to make a transaction from the oldest address for verification • Request User to deposit all coins to the oldest address • Notify User to NOT deposit or withdraw using oldest address o Else he will get disqualified from the bonus • Request User to connect address to a unique nickname for the swap (+password) • Calculate Users Shares of dead Project • Ask User for Domocoin address • Create a Richlist based on people who joined the swap (timeframe to be specified) • Add a Bonus for people with oldest address and biggest shares o Beware of secret Premine/Instaminers from first days! o Consider excluding the Top rich addresses from the bonus • Before starting the Swap/Airdrop check activity of the address, if any activity -> disqualify


Swapamount / Total Circulating Supply = Total Shares of dead Project Standard Airdrop Amount = Available airdrop supply / (swap participants x 0.8) Bonus = Remaining available supply distributed to oldest addresses and biggest shares

Bonus: 50% Biggest Shares, 50% Oldest Address Biggest shares: Top 10% - 40% Bonus Top 25% - 30% Bonus Top 40% - 20% Bonus Top 50% - 10% Bonus

Oldest address: Top 10% - 40% Bonus Top 25% - 30% Bonus Top 40% - 20% Bonus Top 50% - 10% Bonus

8 months ago